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September 12, 2023

Natural Swimming Pool Builders | Cypress, TX

The best natural swimming pool builders Cypress, TX will show you the magic of resurfacing your pool. Omega Pools is happy to be your first choice for pool design and remodeling services. We stand out in our field because we strive for excellence, pay close attention to details, and use high-quality products. We can help you with everything from small fixes to major improvements.

natural swimming pool builders Cypress, TX

Our quality custom pools will work wonders for you! Our natural swimming pool builders can help you.

Natural Swimming Pool Builders Cypress, TX Can Help Restore Your Backyard

In Texas, where the sun rules, swimming pools are the best way to spend time outside. Exposure to brutal weather and chemicals can make your pool look old and worn out over time. Pool remodeling is a way to give the pool a new look. Our skilled team wants to turn your old pool floor into a beautiful work of art that not only looks brand new but also lasts longer.

We know how important it is for your pool to look nice and work well, so we offer custom pool design choices. We make sure you have the best time swimming in your own backyard.

Check Out Our Pool Services

We are known as natural swimming pool builders Cypress, TX, but we also offer a number of other services that will make your pool last longer and work better. At Omega Pools, we offer full pool rebuilding and repair services that are made to fit the needs of your pool.

We offer a full range of pool services to remodel and design your pool. Also, if you want more than just cosmetic changes, our team can handle every part of the remodeling, from adding an outdoor kitchen to adding water features that make your swimming space look better.

Our hardworking team makes sure that every repair and pool remodeling job goes smoothly and quickly so that your daily life isn’t too much affected. We try to do work that stands the test of time and makes sure our customers are happy.

natural swimming pool builders Cypress, TX

We offer cascading waterfalls and other neat additions to our quality custom pools. Call our natural swimming pool builders.

What are the benefits of pool additions?

Adding features like waterfalls, jets, fire bowls, and fireplaces to your pool area can make it feel and work much better, making it into a luxury resort-style haven in your own backyard.

  • Rainfalls: Rainfalls or waterfalls make your pool area look more beautiful. They make a beautiful sight and a soothing sound of water falling, which can make a place feel calm and peaceful. Their many different styles, from natural rock-like to sleek and modern, can match any pool style.
  • Jets: Jets aren’t only made for hot tubs. They can be put in your pool to make it more luxurious. They are therapeutic because they massage your muscles and help you rest and feel less stressed. Pool jets are also fun for kids to play with and add to the fun.
  • Fire bowls: Fire bowls are a great way to liven up the area around your pool. They make the view more interesting, especially at night. On cooler nights, fire bowls can be lit to keep you warm, making your pool area a nice place to hang out.
  • Fireplaces: Just like fire bowls, outdoor fireplaces keep you warm and let you use your pool longer into the fall and winter. They can be the center of attention in the pool area, making it a great place to have interesting talks and tell stories. Also, these fire features can be set up to cook food, which makes for a unique way to eat by the pool.

The Power of Gunite: A Game-Changing Pool Restoration Solution

Gunite is an ideal material for pools because it looks great and is very strong. Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement, and water that is very strong. It is spread over a mesh framework to make a strong shell for your pool.

We are the best natural swimming pool builders and know how to use gunite to fix pools. Our trained professionals offer a wide range of gunite services that will make your pool look great and make it last longer.

What are the benefits of gunite?

  • Versatility: Gunite can be used to make any shape of pool, from free-form to geometric. This is different from other materials, which are bound by shape, size, and design. This makes it a great choice for people who want to change the way their pools look.
  • Longevity: Gunite is known for being very durable. When taken care of properly, a gunite pool surface can last for many years without needing major fixes. This makes long-term maintenance costs much lower.
  • Aesthetics: Gunite surfaces can be made to look nicer with a variety of finishes that offer a wide range of looks. These materials include, among other things, plaster, pebble, tile, and quartz. By picking one of these, you can make sure that your newly refinished pool fits in with your style and the rest of your outdoor decor.
  • Increased Value: An updated gunite pool can add a lot to the value of your house. It looks good and lasts a long time, so buying it is an investment that will pay off in a big way.

At Omega Pools, we use the power and flexibility of gunite to give your swimming pool a new look. Our team of expert techs knows how to apply gunite and goes above and beyond to make sure the finish is always smooth and seamless.

natural swimming pool builders Cypress, TX

Our natural swimming pool builders can build beautiful pools.

Choose Our Natural Swimming Pool Builders

Come to Omega Pools if your pool is starting to look old or if you want to change the way it looks. Our team of professionals who work with pools is ready to take on your job. We are very proud to offer pool design and rebuilding services that go above and beyond what you expect.

We work with you to figure out what your goals are and make a financing plan accordingly. You don’t have to put up with a dirty pool. Our quality pool maintenance services can bring it back to life. We are known as the best natural swimming pool builders because our customers have always been happy with our work.

Omega Pools is the best place to get your pool remodeled right now. Get inspired by our photo gallery and gushing testimonials. Contact us at our Katy location to bring back the pleasure of a perfect, crystal-clear swim in your own backyard.

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • In the 1800s, Cypress was a small town in the country.
  • It is home to the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, which has won awards and is one of the best in Texas.
  • Cypress has a lot of parks, hiking trails, and nature preserves, so both residents and tourists can have a lot of fun. One good example is the Cypress Creek Greenway Project.

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