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January 4, 2019

Katy, TX Custom Pools

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a beautiful paradise, start with adding Katy, TX custom pools. At Omega Pools, LLC, our team specializes in providing you with custom pools that match your aesthetic preferences and particular needs. Whatever your pool needs are, choose us, and we’ll show you why many others have chosen us. We provide our customers with the latest and greatest innovative pool designs.

Katy, TX Custom Pools

Omega Pools can show you what it means to have a fully-customized pool in your backyard. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

As one of the West Houston area’s fastest-growing pool designers, Omega Pools has mastered various styles and designs. We pride ourselves on our quality and expertise. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pool design or a more contemporary look, we can bring it to life for you. Our Katy pool builders are experienced and ready to answer any questions during the duration of the construction project.

Not only does our team provide you with excellent designs, but we’ll also incorporate everything you want in your pool. We’ll work with you to add every detail to the design. You can watch as we bring your design to life via 3D modeling. We won’t start building until you’re happy with the design we have to offer.

We provide our clients with a free consultation and estimate. Take advantage of this opportunity and see what it takes to build custom pools in your outdoor living spaces today. Not only will you get quality craftsmanship, but we also offer financing options that will make your decision easier.

Take Your Backyard to the Next Level with Katy, TX Custom Pools

People can get custom swimming pools, which are pools that are planned and built to fit the wants and tastes of the homeowner. There are only a few shapes and sizes of normal swimming pools, but a custom swimming pool can be built in any shape or size. There’s more freedom to custom pools, which allows homeowners with specific designs in mind to bring their dream pool to reality.

What are some examples of custom pools?

  • Infinity pools: These pools are made to look like the water goes all the way to the sky, making it look like the pool has no edges.
  • Lap pools: These are long and narrow pools that are made for swimming laps or for places that are too small for a regular pool.
  • Natural pools: These pools are made to look like a natural body of water by using rocks, plants, and other natural elements in the design.
  • Zero-entry pools: These pools have a gentle drop into the water, like a beach, which makes it easy to get in and out.
  • Hot tubs and spas: These pools are smaller pools with hot water and jets that massage sore muscles. They are great for relaxing and hydrotherapy.

Custom swimming pools can be any size or shape, and they can also have features like slides, waterfalls, diving boards, lights, and heating systems. You can also choose the materials that are used to build the pool. For example, you can use concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner building.

Custom Pools Katy, TX

Make the designs of your Katy, TX custom pools unique to you. We’ll help you from start to finish.

To make a custom swimming pool, the homeowner works with a specialized pool construction company like Omega Pools who looks at the space, talks with them about their wants and needs, and then comes up with a unique design. It can take weeks or months to build custom pools from start to finish, depending on the size, specifications, and weather conditions during the time period.

Even though custom swimming pools can be more expensive than regular pools, they are made to fit the user’s needs perfectly, making a one-of-a-kind backyard paradise. Investing in custom pools jam-packed with your ideas and preferences will be worth every penny you put toward it. Get in touch with Omega Pools to get started today.

Let’s Start With Designing Your Custom Swimming Pools

Whatever design you have in mind, Omega Pools can do. There’s nothing too complicated for us with our pool builders’ expertise. Using the most advanced tools available, we can give you precisely what you want. Our designers use state-of-the-art methods to create the pool of your dreams.

As much as we base the design on your wants, our experts will work with you to assist you in choosing what will look and perform best in the pool you prefer. It’s not just important that your pool works how it should, but it should also look good. That’s why we chose the best manufacturer, Hayward, to handpick our pool materials from. We’ve also paired with PebbleTech and Ledge Lounger to provide you with optimal finishing touches and the most beautiful outdoor patio furniture we can find.

What type of details and finishes can go into a custom pool design?
There’s a lot more detail that goes into pools than you may realize. LED lights, natural stone coping, and unique water features are all the rage and constant go-to’s for a lot of our customers. We provide the best exotic water features, such as rainforest ideation, with water pouring down above you as you relax in your brand-new pool. You can always discuss your ideas with our team to see if we can truly bring them to life for you.

Custom Pools Katy, TX

You’ll also want to consider the lighting in and around your custom pools to bring out the best in its features.

If you’re not sure where to start with your custom pool designs, you can always check out our previous projects. Get some inspiration from some of our past successes. Of course, you’ll want to keep in mind that each pool is unique due to the client’s preferences and spatial limitations.

Omega Pools is Here to Help

When you’re ready, give us a call at (281) 330-6771 to schedule a consultation, and let us begin working on the pool and patio of your dreams. Omega Pools is based in the Katy area, and we’ll come out to you to discuss the details of your custom pools.

Katy, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Cane Island was the city’s previous name. The name was drawn from the creek that runs through the city.
  • With the Great Storm of 1900, much of Katy was destroyed. Interestingly enough, a lot of artifacts were preserved afterward and can be found in downtown Katy Museums.
  • The Katy area grew with the rice plantations in the area, and the city still holds an annual Rice Festival.

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