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Luxury Pools Cypress, TX

luxury pools Cypress TX

To get the best bang for your buck, make sure you keep these qualities of a trustworthy pool company in mind. Our luxury pools Cypress, TX are without parallel, so contact us today!

For luxury pools Cypress, TX that will make you the talk of your neighborhood, contact Omega Pools, LLC. today! We are a pool company that specializes in designing and building custom swimming pools in Katy and its surrounding areas.

We work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your custom pool meets your aesthetic and practical needs. We operate our business with the highest standard of work and customer service, and we have the truly gushing customer testimonials to prove it.

Omega Pools has the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure your new pool be the success it can be. We have over 15 years’ worth of experience in the pool industry. Our unique pool designs serve to enhance a home’s unique living space, as well as your outdoor living space. In addition, we specialize in personalized outdoor patio, kitchen, and gazebo construction as well.

Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship make us one of the best – if not the best – pool companies in town. We serve local communities all over Houston and its surrounding areas, including in Cypress, TX.

Our pool construction services are top notch and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most refined of tastes. Get inspired today and explore our photo gallery, as well as our gushing customer testimonials. For a backyard retreat you won’t want to miss, call us today to schedule a free consultation with us, or simply drop by our office location.

Discover Luxury Pools Cypress, TX That Will Enliven Your Backyard

Luxury pools Cypress, TX are not as frivolous as you may think. Pools in general can give you tons of benefits. They are excellent and fun ways to exercise and cool off in the scorching Texan summer, as well as a safe, convenient place to host parties and gatherings for friends and family. Pools also benefit you financially, providing tons of value to your home should you one day decide to move.

That said, like all things pools decay over time, losing their luster. If you haven’t been keeping up with your pool maintenance in awhile, then problems can begin to crop up. Your pool’s plastering can begin to disintegrate, causing the surfaces of your pool to become too rough. In addition, your pool’s chemistry can become off-balanced if you don’t put enough chlorine, causing mosquitoes and other pests to congregate in the dank water.

All of this can present grave healthy hazards if you don’t watch out, especially for children, pets, and elderly relatives. But even if your pool is in good condition, it could be too old, its design unfashionable and outdated. Pool technology has advanced in recent years, and it is always worth it to upgrade your pool.

Whether your pool is falling apart at the seams or whether it just needs additional touches, Omega Pools can help. We can re-design and re-shape your pool to fit your home’s character and aesthetic. More simply, we can install a couple of additions that will enliven your otherwise functional pool, as well as improve its functionality and accessibility. So don’t hesitate to call us today!

luxury pools Cypress, TX

Contact Omega Pools to work with the best pool builders. Our luxury pools can’t be beat!

Explore Our Pool Service Options

When it comes to luxury pools, Omega Pools has the knowledge, tools, and expertise you need to handle any kind of pool installation job. Our unique pool and spa designs and remodels use the latest in water technology and natural products. They will serve to revamp your whole outdoor living space and bring it to wonderful new life once more.

Moreover, we offer designs for patios, kitchens, and gazebos as well! Let’s face it, swimming is only just half the pleasure a pool can give. Some or even most of the time we prefer to lounge, soaking up the warm sun for some beneficial vitamin D or simply cool off in the shade.

And of course, when it comes to any kind of exercise, the appetite is never too far – so why not install a kitchen and chow down on some grub? Outdoor kitchens can be especially great for long-running parties, especially into the night.

For specific additions, we specialize in both water and fire features. We can install rain descents, bubbling jets, cascading fountains, and more. We can also construct both above and below-ground spas, either connected to your pool or separate. And of course, our spectacular fire bowls and fireplaces can give a dramatic touch to your living space.

For more lighting options, we offer stunning LED lights and remote-controlled fiber optics. These will make it easier to navigate your pool area at night, especially for your elderly or disabled kin. For more information about our stellar pool additions, call us today and explore even more options!

luxury pools Cypress TX

Omega Pools is eager to provide you with the luxury pools you need!

Luxury Pools Are Our Specialty, So Call Today!

Omega Pools is committed to constructing you the pool of your dream. We are pool builders passionate about our work, designing and building pools and spas that will help you make countless of memories in the years to come. We can install for you all kinds of neat water features from fountains and rain descents to fire bowls and fireplaces. With our stellar services, you can create your very own paradise on earth, right in your backyard!

Omega Pools firmly believes that even luxury pools don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to afford. We provide many financing options through our partners, Lyon Financial and Members Choice Credit Union, both leaders in homeowner pool loans. With their help, your dream pool is easier and more affordable to realize than ever.

We have tons of wonderful pool services for you to take advantage of. So don’t let your pool stuck with its outdated, unfashionable design. Call Omega Pools today for a free quote or drop by our office location. You can be sure that when it comes to luxury pools Cypress, TX, nobody does it half as good than Omega Pools.

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • Cy-Fair ISD is one of the top school districts in Texas.
  • Cypress contains six parks.
  • Play some golf at the Blackhouse golf club!

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