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Luxury Pool and Spa Cane Island, TX

At Omega Pools, we appreciate how valuable having a luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX in your backyard is. We take pride in creating bespoke pools that go above and beyond what our customers expect. Look no further than Omega Pools if you’re looking for a luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX.

luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX

An amazing luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX is waiting for you with Omega Pools.

Advantages of Installing a Luxury Pool and Spa Cane Island, TX in Your Backyard

There are many advantages of installing a luxury pool in your backyard. Omega Pools is here to help you build one that suits your style.

Increase your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Your backyard can become a gorgeous haven with a well-planned pool that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your house. A bespoke pool design that complements the architecture and landscape of your home can greatly raise the value of your property.

Offers a Place for Entertainment and Leisure

You can escape the bustle of daily life and find some peace and quiet in a unique pool design. For families who enjoy socializing, it is a great purchase because it can be used to hold parties and entertain guests.

Encourages Physical Fitness and Well-Being

Swimming is a fantastic type of exercise that enhances flexibility, builds muscle, and is good for the heart. Swimming is simple to incorporate into your daily routine when you have a pool in your backyard, which promotes a better and more active lifestyle.

Provides Comfort and Seclusion

Your unique requirements can be met with a custom pool design, which offers seclusion and convenience. A pool with a built-in spa, for instance, enables you to experience hydrotherapy without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Conserves Money Over Time

Long-term financial savings are possible if you own a pool. You may take a lavish staycation in the comfort of your own garden rather than paying for pricey vacations or subscriptions to public pools.

Check out our gallery to see examples of pool designs we have made in the past.

The Method of Building a Luxury Pool and Spa, Step by Step

At Omega Pools, we adhere to a strict, step-by-step procedure to guarantee that your custom pool design meets all of your requirements and surpasses them.

Step 1: Consultation

We begin by setting up an initial meeting to talk about your needs, preferences, and spending limit. We gather important details like the location, size, and shape of the pool, as well as any particular features you wish to incorporate during this phase.

Step 2: Create

Our team of professionals will develop a custom pool design that complies with your needs once we have obtained all the essential data. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we produce 3D renderings of the pool design so that you can see the finished product before construction starts.

Step 3: Approvals and Permits

We make sure that the required permissions and approvals are received from the appropriate authorities before work can start.

Step 4: Excavation

We begin the building procedure by digging a hole for the pool in the ground. The chosen area must be cleared of all soil, rocks, and rubbish during this phase.

Step 5: Plumbing and Steel

After that, a steel structure is put in place to hold the pool’s walls and floors. Along with installing the plumbing, we also set up the drainage and water supply systems for the pool.

Step 6: Gunite

The pool shell is made by covering the steel frame with gunite, cement, and sand mixture. This stage entails polishing the surface and molding the gunite to fit the specific design.

luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX

Get a luxury pool and spa from Omega Pools.

Step 7: Tile and Coping

Around the pool’s edge, we install tile and coping to give it a finished appearance and safeguard its edges from harm.

Step 8: Decking

We put in the decking surrounding the pool to create a place for relaxing and socializing. Concrete, natural stone, and pavers are just a few of the decking materials we provide.

Step 9: Final Inspection

We perform a final check after construction is finished to make sure the pool satisfies our exacting standards for quality. After that, we deliver the pool to you along with all the required tools and upkeep instructions.

Cool Additions for Your Custom Pool Design

At Omega Pools, we provide a variety of interesting accessories that can elevate your custom pool design. The pool features we have are outlined below.

  • Water Features: Adding peace and relaxation to your pool area is possible with the help of water features like fountains, waterfalls, and jets. Additionally, they produce a focal point that draws attention to your pool and improves its overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Fire Features: Fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls can bring ambiance and warmth to your pool area. They make the ambiance warm and pleasant, enabling you to use your pool even on chilly nights.
  • Lighting: Lighting has the power to make your pool area lovely and charming. In addition to providing a magnificent visual display, the lighting solutions we provide can also increase the security and safety of your pool. These options include LED lights, fiber optic lights, and solar-powered lights.
luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX

We are the best luxury pool and spa to turn to.

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Having a gorgeous custom pool design in your backyard can have a number of advantages, such as boosting the curb appeal of your house, fostering physical health and wellness, and offering a place for entertainment and relaxation.

At Omega Pools, we provide a step-by-step method for constructing a bespoke pool along with a variety of fun extras like lighting, fire elements, and water features. We are the greatest choice for building a luxury pool and spa, and we promise that your custom pool design will be made to satisfy all of your requirements and go above and beyond what you expect.

We have an office that can go out and serve many areas in Texas. To begin building your ideal pool, get in touch with us today! Soon, you will see how we can get you a luxury pool and spa Cane Island, TX.

Fun Facts Cane Island, TX

  • Cane Island is renowned for its ancient residences, including the 1810-built Armstrong-Hutcheson House.
  • The first organized Fourth of July parade in the state was held in 2009 on Cane Island.
  • Cane Island’s median home value is about 50% greater than the national average.

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