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Beautiful Inground Pool Designs You’ll Love | Katy, TX

Katy TX inground pool designs

Contact Omega Pools to work with the best pool builders around! Our beautiful inground pool designs can’t be beat.

For stunning Katy, TX inground pool designs, look no further than Omega Pools, LLC. We are the fastest-growing custom pool builder in Houston. We have served our Katy, TX communities as well as our communities in the greater Houston area for over 15 years.

Our company specializes in unique and innovative pool and spa construction and remodeling. Omega Pools, LLC. uses the latest in water technology and natural products.

Our beautiful inground pool designs utilize and enhance a home’s unique space. We work closely with you to bring your dream pool to life.

Our swimming pools aim to transform your backyard into a paradise on earth. In addition, we can design and build your very own pool outdoor living space, including a pool outdoor kitchen, patio, and gazebos. No matter what your practical and aesthetic needs are, you can rest assured that we are the pool company that can handle your pool construction with no problem.

We come highly recommended for our top-of-the-line pool services, so call us today for a free quote or drop by our location. We’ll be thrilled to help you build the pool of your dreams with our lovely Katy, TX inground pool designs.

Discover Katy, TX Inground Pool Designs You Need

With so many benefits to having a pool, especially in the scorching summer days, it’s behooves homeowners to make it the very best it can be. Unfortunately, pools decay over time – their plastering may wear off, their coping may become chipped, and even the pool’s surface may become too hard to walk on.

Moreover, with the years your pool can even develop potential health hazards as well. If your pool’s chemistry is not maintained, that could lead to low-chlorine dirty water. This can attract mosquitos and other flies to your pool. These can spread deathly pathogens and cause illnesses, especially to children and pets wont to play in your backyard.

We at Omega Pools, LLC. operate our business with the highest standard of work and customer service. From start to finish we work closely to you so that our inground pool designs aligns with your vision. We have tons of ideas of what will work best for you, so be sure to contact us today and get started!

Katy TX inground pool designs

Your friends and family will love to spend quality time in your backyard! For more information about our Katy, TX inground pool designs, call us today.

Our Process

We use state-of-the-art technology to render 3D models of inground pool designs and landscapes fitted precisely to your specifications. Once we have finalized the design, our construction team will begin to break ground on your pool. We will keep you up-to-date on our progress and also remodel the pools you already have.

We can, for instance, install beautiful rain descents and bubbling jets as neat water features. For both aesthetic and accessibility purposes, we can also install LED lights so that the pool party can go on even into the depths of the evening. For fire features, fire pits and fireplaces make for powerful, dramatic accents.

We can also install slate or travertine tile decking for you. Tile and coping can help keep the pool concrete from getting too hot, protecting your feet and skin from burning. Moreover, it can also help disguise disgusting scum rings that develops along the pool’s waterline.

Whatever your pool needs are, we can help build a custom pool you need. We use only high-quality products through Hayward, a leading manufacturer of fluid control equipment in the pool and spa construction industry. We have also joined with PebbleTec to add impeccable finishes to your pool, as well as Ledge Lounger for comfortable patio furniture that will help you relax during those long days of summer.

Unsure whether our pools are right for you? You can check out our photos of the breathtaking pools we have constructed for our customers throughout the years. You may also look up testimonials of our immensely satisfied customers.

Check Out Our Financing Options

A pool does not only demand a lot of maintenance, but also quite a bit of investment as well. We at Omega Pools, LLC. believe that you don’t have to break the bank to construct or remodel your pool. That’s why we provide financing options that will help bear the cost of your investment a little easier.

Omega Pools, LLC. has specifically partnered up with Lyon Financial, which has been a leader in homeowner pool loans since 1979. They are dedicated to helping homeowners experience their very own vacation experience right in their backyard. And if you’re a west Houston-area homeowner, you’re probably already familiar with Members Choice Credit Union, in operation since 1941 and another partner of ours.

With Omega Pools, LLC. at your corner, you need never worry if you can afford your very own custom pool or even remodel your old one. For more information about our financing options and our excellent partners, call us today.

Katy TX inground pool designs

With a custom pool in your backyard, exercising will be a lot easier. With our inground pool designs, you’ll be sure to get the pool you desire.

Get Stunning Inground Pool Designs Today

We at Omega Pools, LLC. are confident that we can construct your pool to your satisfaction. We offer not only some of the loveliest pool designs, but also generous financing options to help get you started.

In addition to building custom pools, we can remodel your current pool as well. We can add more water or fire features, install lights, or even completely reshape the contours of your pool.

When it comes to quality pool construction and design, there are few companies that can best what Omega Pools, LLC. has to offer. So don’t wait until your pool is a disaster waiting to happen – call us today or drop by for a free quote. You can be sure that with our incredible Katy, TX inground pool designs, your pool will be the talk of the neighborhood once more!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • It was once home to the Karankawa Indians.
  • Katy was a bird-hunting mecca for decades.
  • It was incorporated in 1945.

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